Quote: Lucian Freud

“The paintings that really excite me have an erotic element or side to them irrespective of subject matter.” – Lucian Freud

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What is The Current

The Current is the underlying and connective energy of the Universe.  It is the Poetic Architecture of creation and the single most important concept in Cyprianism.  It is also, however, one of the most difficult to explain.

We do not have the means to codify and quantify It. Thus, for centuries, many have been satisfied with referring to It as the “spiritual”. But It is not other-worldly.  It is an energy that tangles and intermingles with our own, asserting Itself subtly, allowing those who seek Its mysteries to resonate in ineffable ways.

It is the center of true creativity and the force that powers it.  It is Presence.  It is cadence.  It is vast enough to be peaceful, yet personal enough to adapt in a breath.  It is always moving, yet rarely is It linear.  It is Sexual – chaotic, transcendent, ruining.  It exists in horrible, primal Nature yet It is also the Beautifully clever architecture that dares to defy it.

We seek to understand It through creating. And also through analogies and symbols. It flows like a current of water or air.  It connects and charges like a current of electricity.  And It is the current moment – now.

Yet we must also understand that we do not need to compute It, or weight It, to understand It.  Its mystery is Its essence. A veil drawing us beyond.


It is said that “a flower is beautiful, and a flower garden is Beautiful.”  The Current is that Poetry which enables this subtle, powerful difference.

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Fiat Lux Lunae

The sun has set
And all is shadow
By what shall we see?
What will penetrate our darkness?

What Brilliance
Shall illuminate our longing,
Instill in us awareness,
Stir us to spending?

By what radiance
Will reason seep into us?
What source will swell us with sorcery?

Stars may shine upon the garden
Candles may light our path
Yet Paphia’s moonlit mouth,
Lily among flowers,
Is Light.


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Welcome the Church of Beauty

We are proud to announce the forming of the first Cyprian church in the U.S. – the Church of Beauty!

What are the tenets of the Church of Beauty?

  1. CoB-Logo-01bBeauty is the Poetry of human privilege, thus it is our responsibility.
  2. It is our duty to serve, defend and create Beauty
  3. Hating what is ugly does not create Beauty.
  4. Beauty is not easy.  It is not prettiness.  It is complex and It is changed by the journey to It.
  5. Creation is the answer to destruction.
  6. Beauty desires to assert Itself.
  7. Beauty is a faith in expectation and a subversion of fear.
  8. Sex, in all of its consensual forms, is to be honored.  The Erotic Force is the best correlation and conduit for Beauty.
  9. All of history is inadequate to utter the breadth and depth of Beauty even once.
  10. Without extraordinary Vulnerability, without sheer daring, there is no Beauty.
  11. You can gain in reason without losing the ability to be excited by Beauty.
  12. Beauty requires unity and harmony.
  13. Destruction is eternal, but Beauty is eternity itself.
  14. “Always seek out Beauty, and attempt to find it in situations that cannot be mentioned in prudish circles.” – Franz von Bayros
  15. Always “model well” – Auguste Rodin
  16. Beauty is our Life, our Light and our Perfection.

For for information visit the Church of Beauty online.

You can also get involved in the #BeautyMovement and #52DaysofBeauty on social media and at the church’s Facebook Page.

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Péladan Revealed by ProjectAWE


Thank you to Tony Peterson for bringing this article to my attention. ProjectAWE does a great job of revealing Josephin Péladan to a modern audience. I admit, I know quite a bit, but not enough about Péladan. This article touches on most of what I know and gives a path for further research which I plan to do very soon. As for Péladan’s relationship with Cyprianism, it is known that he began an offshoot of the Order of the Garter and Franc which blended Paphian and Rosicrucian Philosophy. Enjoy this article and kudos to ProjectAWE, whom I have only just heard of. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the website. Oh, you know, in my free time.



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Class begins May 4th (Chicago AND Google Hangout)

FB Event BannerLearn the history and elements of the the Philosophy and Practice of Cyprianism in this unique class. Find out how the ancients used the Erotic Force in their Creative Process and discover how to apply it to your own life and/or art. Artists of any discipline, as well as those that just desire to live their life with artistry, will find new ways to approach their journey.

Discover a philosophical lineage that springs from ancient Athens, runs through the Italian Renaissance and Belle Epoque France to modern day. See how courtesans and artists conspired through history to create, preserve, protect and defend Beauty. Learn the ways in which these subversive outsiders created some of the most lasting masterpieces in history.
Told in interesting stories that admit and permit the sacred nature of sexuality and it’s necessity in the creation of art, students will learn to create a masterpiece of their own lives.

Cyprianism 101 occurs Wednesdays at 7:30pm from May 4 – June 15. We’ll take June 22nd off and start a new session on June 22. Each session is $70 for seven weeks (with a week break after). The first session includes a paperback version of The Seed: Being the Philosophy and Practice of Cyprianism (including full annotation and special essays).

Location is the Skylark Chess Society at 4201 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago. Those NOT in Chicago may attend the class via Google Hangouts (an invitation will be sent to all who register).


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Quote of the Day: Rodin

From “To the Venus de Milo”

The Venus de Milo (The Louvre)

The Venus de Milo (The Louvre)

For myself, the ancient masterpieces blend themselves in my memory with all the joys of my early manhood; or rather, the antique is my youth itself, which surges still in my heart and hides from me the fact that I have grown old.

As in early times saints revealed to the young monk in his cell all those things useful for a youth to know, so in the Louvre these Olympian gods whispered them to me; later they protected and inspired me. After an absence of twenty years I came back to them with a joy indescribable, I understood them.

These divine fragments, these old marbles which have existed more than two thousand years, speak to me more clearly, move me more profoundly than living persons.

If, in their turn, the younger generation would but meditate upon these marvelous works, would strive, through intelligence and love, to elevate themselves to their height, they would find in them their deepest joy.”

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