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CA-with-brushCatherine Abel is a figurative artist from Australia. We go back a few years, though I can’t actually remember how we met. It was online, but I don’t remember the details. I just remember really enjoying her work. When Michelle and I traveled to Australia a few years ago we were able to meet her in Melbourne and spend the afternoon drinking wine in her garden while discussing art. It was the first time I was able to see her art live in the flesh and it left quite an impression on me. Her brushstrokes were placed with such care that it was obvious she was in love with each of them. Her subjects, no, actually the paintings themselves, begged to be taken by force by those same brushstrokes, bucking silently against Catherine’s loving restraint. The melancholy in their eyes contradicted that restraint. The eyes seemed to tear slightly with a desire to be spoiled by the lust that was held at arms length.

Catherine coined the term Cyprianist, referring to herself at the time, and it made me giddy. She was an early adopter to say the least.

We ended the day as follows: the sun setting, me with a glass (or six) of wine in hand, Michelle naked (as usual) and Catherine with her camera. Good friendships were made that day that I will always cherish.

But enough about me. Catriona Mitchell, of, has just posted an interview with Catherine Abel that shows what she’s been up to recently along with some great photographs of her Art Deco inspired work. READ THE INTERVIEW HERE

About frankyvivid

Franky Vivid is a poet and burlesque producer from Los Angeles. He is married to burlesque star Michelle L’amour, with whom he co-founded the international literary salon Naked Girls Reading in 2009. For four years he was the curator of the Everleigh Social Club in Chicago, an experiment in using Cyprianism to inform the operation of a private arts club. Vivid is a Freemasonic Knight Templar and founder of Paradise Garden #7. For more on Cyprianism and a continuing discussion about elements of The Seed and its underlying Philosophy and Practice, visit him at
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