On Being: The Subversive Power of Beauty

I finally got around to reading this article sent to me by my dear friend Alayne Peterson. At first I wanted to apologize for not reading it right away, but as I dove into it, I became aware that it hit me harder at this moment than it would have earlier. The Timing of the Current works in Its own way and, in this instance at least, my tendency toward procrastination paid off.

"Aphrodite" - The Louvre (photo by Franky Vivid)

“Aphrodite” – The Louvre
(photo by Franky Vivid)

This article on The Subversive Power of Beauty is itself beautiful. I had wanted to pull a single quote to illustrate this, but there are just far too many. I was constantly stopped in my tracks, and several times got chills. I even read one of them to my wife and cried a little. That quote? Well, it wasn’t about beauty, but about mediocrity. “The first impression it makes on you is the only impression it will ever make. No amount of pondering will make it glow.” – Irish literary critic Denis Donoghue.

But there were more. For instance, “violence’s greatest lie is its attempt to proclaim that all around it is wasteland.” – John Paul Lederach.

I encourage you to read the article BY CLICKING HERE.

Thank you, Alayne. This is for you:

“Without extraordinary Vulnerability, without sheer daring, there is no Beauty.” – The Seed

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FV Everleigh is a writer and producer living in Las Vegas. "The Courtesan Parables" will be published by Black Lotus Books in early 2021. Other current works include a cocktail book, a literary historical novel, a gothic horror romance novel, a screenplay, two television pilots, a deck of "revelation cards" and three children's picture books.
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