Unrestrained Revelry

“2. (lowercase) unrestrained revelry”…

Le Cheval (The Horse)

Le Cheval
(The Horse)

…is one of the definitions of “saturnalia”, a word that comes from the celebration of the Roman god Saturn. The original Saturnalia orgies were held in the month that we now know as December. However, in the Cyprian Zodiac, we take time each Saturday (see the pattern?) during Le Cheval – the period between May 27 and July 17 – to spend time in meditation, creation and, ideally, unrestrained revelry.

Why do we do this? It seems a bit religious, you might think. Well, the idea is that in our daily (reactive) lives, it isn’t easy to take time out to pursue our creative (Beautiful) Life. So, the Cyprian Zodiac system was put together to help with that. It’s simply a device we use to keep things fresh and interesting and to make sure we are continually working toward masterworks of art and our lives.

That being said, there is some really cool stuff going on during Le Cheval with the planet Saturn. On Monday, NASA tweeted an elegant picture of three crescent moons of Saturn. Their Cassini Solstice Mission is currently doing flybys of the ringed planet including a June 17 pass by the moon Dione and a July 7 pass by Titan. The project site has some stunning photographs and information that should inspire you to consider our place in the cosmos. Also, Discovery News posted an article on June 10 entitled “Saturn’s Newly Discovered Ring Dwarfs the Gas Giant” and has some cool photos as well.

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Mr. Holst

Mr. Holst

Maybe listen to Gustav Holst‘s Saturn, Bring of Old Age (Holst’s personal favorite of the suite) while you peruse that material…or better yet, while you create something. It’s about 9 minutes long. What can you create in that time?

Fiat Lux Lunae.

About FV Everleigh

FV Everleigh is a queer preacher’s kid in Los Angeles. After years as an award winning Christian rock star, FV toured the globe producing acclaimed burlesque shows with a world famous stripper. They eventually moved into John Wayne’s favorite New Orleans brothel and adopted the name Everleigh in tribute to sisters who ran an opulent Chicago bordello in 1900. In addition to training at UCLA, FV has a Television Writing Certificate from Writing Pad LA and is a Roadmap Writers TOP TIER writer. His scripts have placed in the ScreenCraft, Roadmap and Inroads Fellowship competitions. He has a collection of short stories and a novel both being published in 2022 and is a guest contributor to DirtySexyHistory.com. Twenty years surrounded by sex-positive women, outré artists and circus misfits has informed FV’s sexually subversive, morally murky, visually yummy stories where marginalized protagonists win...eventually.
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