Class begins May 4th (Chicago AND Google Hangout)

FB Event BannerLearn the history and elements of the the Philosophy and Practice of Cyprianism in this unique class. Find out how the ancients used the Erotic Force in their Creative Process and discover how to apply it to your own life and/or art. Artists of any discipline, as well as those that just desire to live their life with artistry, will find new ways to approach their journey.

Discover a philosophical lineage that springs from ancient Athens, runs through the Italian Renaissance and Belle Epoque France to modern day. See how courtesans and artists conspired through history to create, preserve, protect and defend Beauty. Learn the ways in which these subversive outsiders created some of the most lasting masterpieces in history.
Told in interesting stories that admit and permit the sacred nature of sexuality and it’s necessity in the creation of art, students will learn to create a masterpiece of their own lives.

Cyprianism 101 occurs Wednesdays at 7:30pm from May 4 – June 15. We’ll take June 22nd off and start a new session on June 22. Each session is $70 for seven weeks (with a week break after). The first session includes a paperback version of The Seed: Being the Philosophy and Practice of Cyprianism (including full annotation and special essays).

Location is the Skylark Chess Society at 4201 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago. Those NOT in Chicago may attend the class via Google Hangouts (an invitation will be sent to all who register).


About FV Everleigh

FV Everleigh is a queer preacher’s kid in Los Angeles. After years as an award winning Christian rock star, FV toured the globe producing acclaimed burlesque shows with a world famous stripper. They eventually moved into John Wayne’s favorite New Orleans brothel and adopted the name Everleigh in tribute to sisters who ran an opulent Chicago bordello in 1900. In addition to training at UCLA, FV has a Television Writing Certificate from Writing Pad LA and is a Roadmap Writers TOP TIER writer. His scripts have placed in the ScreenCraft, Roadmap and Inroads Fellowship competitions. He has a collection of short stories and a novel both being published in 2022 and is a guest contributor to Twenty years surrounded by sex-positive women, outré artists and circus misfits has informed FV’s sexually subversive, morally murky, visually yummy stories where marginalized protagonists win...eventually.
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