Excerpt from The Seed:


i ache to satisfy unquenchable thirsts
urges carried on restless winds
cravings that trickle and drench
in soothing, honeyed flows

how long until again
i can tangle with the two-backed beast,
or bathe in a crush of flesh
baptized in angels,
debauched and sacred…
a knot of legs and arms without edges?

all of it
without the itch of impulse
lumbers and skulks
gruesome, in fact
alive, but unconsidered

anoint me with Y our oils,
and i will light, a lamp,
yet keep my fingers for other aims

overwhelm me with desire
the fierce hunger to bite each other bloody
the naked urge to pull Y ou into my cells
dispensing chemicals
seeping into skin
echoing devastation
spilling sex like blood

You are Europa, Pasiphaë
sacrificing all for Y our refreshment
peering out on the sea of flesh
through cobalt glass

You are the Alchemist.

and i pray, delicate Love,
lead me into gold

I long for the need
thirst for the want
pine for the desire
to gorge my hunger on Y our soft cakes

to draw every carnal thing
into my throat
swallowing its succor in sensual drafts

my weakness for wantonness gives me strength

its rituals call me with Eyes
make me more than i am

more than a Carpocratian
or Epiphanius’ fool

more than a wild, unchecked brute
but desiring, brutally

more than a Bacchanalian priest
absolving chemical appetite
with angelic alibis

intimate with Gods
consumed by the Rhythm
pressed against Y our baptismal thigh

allowed at last to resonate,
scorched by obsession

by this tinder, violent thing

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