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Quote of the Day: Tullia d’Aragona

“Well then, for my part I believe that Beauty is mother of all forms of love.” – Tullia d’Aragona “Who, then, would be its father?” – Benedetto Varchi “The knowledge of that Beauty.” – Tullia d’Aragona

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Unrestrained Revelry

“2. (lowercase) unrestrained revelry”… …is one of the definitions of “saturnalia”, a word that comes from the celebration of the Roman god Saturn. The original Saturnalia orgies were held in the month that we now know as December. However, in … Continue reading

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Happiness Lives Here

April showers, May flowers, June phallus? Seems logical to me. In the Cyprian calendar, June 2nd is a holiday with two names: Fortuna Virilis and The Feast of St. Foutin. Both have a peculiarly phallic bent. According to Burgo Partridge … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day – The Seed

“To pursue the husk instead of luxuriating in the Current is to walk in the clothes of a king without the birthright to rule.”

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