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Class begins May 4th (Chicago AND Google Hangout)

Learn the history and elements of the the Philosophy and Practice of Cyprianism in this unique class. Find out how the ancients used the Erotic Force in their Creative Process and discover how to apply it to your own life … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Rodin

From “To the Venus de Milo” “For myself, the ancient masterpieces blend themselves in my memory with all the joys of my early manhood; or rather, the antique is my youth itself, which surges still in my heart and hides … Continue reading

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Symbols – The Dagger

Cyprianism uses a calendar system that encourages focus on certain things during certain periods. The 52 days from September 8 to October 29 is called Le Baissier (The Bear) and, among other things, it features a focus on the vice … Continue reading

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Defying Baudelaire

In The Painter of Modern Life, Charles Baudelaire wrote, “What poet would dare, in depicting the pleasure caused by the appearance of a great beauty, separate the woman from her dress”. This is the motivation behind this mixed media piece from my … Continue reading

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Declaring a New Holiday!

In celebration of the landmark Supreme Court of the United States decision made this day in 2015, we are officially declaring a new holiday, Isodikeia. It is the Feast of Equality (ἴσος/isos) and Justice (δίκη/dike). Those who have defended the … Continue reading

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Let There Be Light!

Does this look like a lamp to you? A recent article on a Cypriot Art Blog claims to shed “new light on an ancient lamp”. The lamp, from the Kent Collection (but previously owned by Thomas Sandwith) at the Harrogate Museum … Continue reading

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Happy Vinalia Prima!

Today is Vinalia Prima. Time to open a bottle, or ten, of wine. The Rite of Wine (from The Seed) Come now Venus freshly fucked And let Your lovers soak Your swollen cunt In strong and aromatic wines We long to … Continue reading

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Feast of Thibaud Gaudin

Today, April 16 is the feast day of Thibaud Gaudin, second-to-last Grand Master of the Knight’s Templar (succeeded by Jacques de Molay), who is said to have passed beyond the Diamond Gate (died) on this day in 1292. In 1291, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Today is the Cyprian New Year – the Birth of Venus. It is the first day of the season of La Vache: Charm and Lust, and a celebration of the moment when true Beauty came into being. The foundational myth The … Continue reading

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