The Cyprian “Zodiac”

The “Zodiac” is a system for studying and incorporating the various aspects of Cyprianism. The “Appreciate, Meditate, Gestate, Create” method is best to employ for this purpose.

The arc of one year is divided into seven segments of roughly seven weeks. Each segment contains fifty-two days, except the period of La Vache, which has fifty-three. The number fifty-two reduces to seven. It also represents the fifty-two weeks of a year.

The Cyprian Year (called the Cytheric Year by the Society of Austrian Bibliophiles in the late 19th Century BCE) is notated with the abbreviation AV (Anno Venus – the year of Beauty) and is counted by adding three thousand, one hundred eighty-six to the number of the same year in the Gregorian calendar. For example, the Gregorian year 2000 CE would be the Cyprian year 5186 AV. The Cyprian year begins on the Gregorian April 4th because in Paphian traditions, this day is celebrated as Aphrodite’s birthday. It is believed that it was on the 4th of April that She was given to us by the sea.
During the seven periods of the Cyprian year, initiates contemplate the associated aspects designated for that time, also giving special emphasis and meditation according to the correlating day of the week.

There are holidays as well. Each month, a Pleasuria is celebrated on the fourth day. Dark (new) Moons in May and October are The Farewell (Anagogia) and The Madness (Epitymbria, which is often combined with Hysteria/The Resolution), respectively. Beyond that, additional weight is given to the power of moon phases beginning with waxing (protection – a right hand moon) and ending with waning crescent (vulnerability – a left hand moon).

Following are outlined the seven periods of the Cyprian Year:

Le Cheval – May 27 – July 17 (52 days)
Virtue – Timing
Passion (Vice) – Pride
Symbol – The Heart
Law – The Current
Principle – Pleasure
Anatomy – Heart
Color – Violet
Animal – Horse
Metal – Lead
Planet – Saturn, Bringer of Old Age
Station – Satiety
Art – Dancing
Element of Art – Line
Principle of Art – Balance
Liberal Art and Science – Grammar
Tone – re
Day of the Week – Saturday
Muse – Terpsichore (Dance – Lyre)
Holidays – Aphrodisia (Summer Solstice), Feast of St. Foutin (June 2), St. Pierre’s Day of Songs (June 6), Cora’s Pearl/Feast of Soft Cakes (July 8)

Le Chien – July 18 – September 7 (52 days)
Virtue – Beauty
Passion (Vice) – Envy
Symbol – The Mirror
Law – The Accord
Principle – Mirrors
Anatomy – Eyes
Color – Green
Animal – Dog
Metal – Copper
Planet – Neptune, the Mystic
Station – Afterglow
Art – Painting
Element of Art – Color
Principle of Art – Proportion
Liberal Art and Science – Rhetoric
Tone – mi
Day of the Week – Monday
Muse – Urania (Astronomy/Philosophy – Globe and Compass)
Holidays – Feast of Miriam (July 22), Lantelme’s Ransom (July 24-25), An Affair of Breasts and Wine (Vinalia Rustica – August 19), Feast of St. Bernard (August 20), Theater of Sevens (September 7)

Le Baissier – September 8 – October 29 (52 days)
Virtue – Cheek
Passion (Vice) – Wrath
Symbol – The Poniard
Law – Resonance
Principle – Knowledge
Anatomy – Hand
Color – Red
Animal – Bear
Metal – Iron
Planet – Mars, Bringer of War
Station – Flirtation
Art – Sculpture
Element of Art – Shape
Principle of Art – Emphasis
Liberal Art and Science – Logic
Tone – fa
Day of the Week – Tuesday
Muse – Clio (History – Scrolls)
Holidays – Feast of St. Minna (September 16), Feast of St. Ninon (October 17), The Resolution/Hysteria Club (October 25)

La Chèvre – October 30 – December 20 (52 days)
Virtue – Brilliance
Passion (Vice) – Sloth
Symbol – The Sun/Star
Law – Mutuality
Principle – The Liberty of Privilege
Anatomy – Temples
Color – Light Blue
Animal – Goat
Metal – Mercury
Planet – Mercury, the Winged Messenger
Station – Suggestion
Art – Architecture
Element of Art – Form
Principle of Art – Variety
Liberal Art and Science – Arithmetic
Tone – so
Day of the Week – Wednesday
Muse – Melpomene (Tragedy – Tragic Mask)
Holidays – Master’s Day/Feast of St. Rodin (November 17), Scandals (November 22)

La Grenouille – December 21 – February 10 (52 days)
Virtue – Gaiety
Passion (Vice) – Greed
Symbol – The Swing
Law – Rhythm
Principle – The Privilege of Liberty
Anatomy – Belly
Color – Yellow
Animal – Frog
Metal – Tin
Planet – Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity
Station – Arousal
Art – Drama
Element of Art – Value
Principle of Art – Movement
Liberal Art and Science – Geometry
Tone – la
Day of the Week – Thursday
Muse – Thalia (Comedy – Comic Mask)
Holidays – Longest Night (December 21), Feast of St. Ada (January 5), Feast of St. Pauline (January 26)

Le Cochon – February 11 – April 3 (52 days, 53 during Leap Year)
Virtue – Grace
Passion (Vice) – Gluttony
Symbol – The Ballerina
Law – The Source
Principle – Hunger
Anatomy – Mouth
Color – Orange
Animal – Pig
Metal – Silver
Planet – Uranus, the Magician
Station – Seduction
Art – Dancing
Element of Art – Space
Principle of Art – Rhythm
Liberal Art and Science – Music
Tone – ti
Day of the Week – Sunday
Muse – Polyhymnia (Hymns – Veil)
Holidays – Feast of Eros (February 14), Feast of St. Audrey/Feast of the Setting Sun (February 20), Masque of Pasiphaë (March 3), Feast of St. Claude/Feast of Moonlight (March 25), Nought/Feast of Lechery/St. Von Bayros (April 3)

La Vache – April 4 – May 26 (53 days)
Virtue – Charm
Passion (Vice) – Lust
Symbol – The Diamond Gate
Law – Gender
Principle – Abandon
Anatomy – Cock/Cunt
Color – Blue
Animal – Cow
Metal – Gold
Planet – Venus, Bringer of Peace
Station – Rapture
Art – Poetry
Element of Art – Texture
Principle of Art – Harmony
Liberal Art and Science – Astronomy
Tone – do
Day of the Week – Friday
Muse(s) – Calliope (Epic – Writing Tablet), Euterpe (Music/Song/Elegiac – Aulos flute), Erato (Lyric – Cithara lyre)
Holidays – The Bath (April 4), Feast of Brilliance/St. La Belle Otero (April 12), Grande Madame’s Day (April 15), Feast of Thibaud Gaudin (April 16), The Rite of Wine (Vinalia Prima – April 23)

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