The Principles

Seven simple Principles define the pursuit of the Beautiful Life. Pleasure, Knowledge, Mirrors, Hunger, The Liberty of Privilege, The Privilege of Liberty and Abandon. By understanding the drive of each of the Principles, one can apply them to the Aretic Path.


The Beautiful Life made possible by Cyprianism is lived in the service, pursuit and granting of Pleasure. Pleasure is our obligation, not only to ourselves but to those who benefit from our work and those in our garden. We are privileged to get the opportunity to pursue Pleasure. And we also receive our Pleasure by seeing to the Pleasure of others.

This is what Cyprianism calls compersion. When you can derive sublime Pleasure from making sure another is experiencing their Pleasure, you are operating in the Cyprian realm. It is easy to see how this relates to the Erotic nature of Cyprianism. In Erotic exchanges, giving Pleasure to another is a magnificent way to receive Pleasure ourselves. So it is in art and the Beautiful Life.


Cyprianism requires the hunger for and pursuit of Knowledge. We should strive to know and to understand. We should hunger to obtain knowledge. Not just facts and figures, but true understanding.

The meaning of Life is to be Known and Loved. To Know and to be Known thus is our deepest desire.

This also applies to being able to adjust our views and make new decisions based on new Knowledge. There is a difference between mystery and superstition. Superstition is not based on Knowledge, but true Knowledge will not destroy mystery. Pleasure is found in Knowledge and allows the Privileged to experience so much more than those who are not.


The Principle of Mirrors is simple and straightforward. It is this: we are mirrors. We reflect what is inside us. We reflect our relationships. We reflect and thus amplify light and Beauty if we wish. Edith Wharton famously said, “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”


It is a mistake to believe that once you have eaten (or created, etc), you will be fully satisfied. Whether it is more, else or same, there is always another. When you eat a meal, you do not believe that you will never again be hungry. In fact, it doesn’t take long for the need to be fed to stir again. Passions and their pursuit are a Hunger to be satiated in their proper time and amount, likely to be pursued again later.

It is imperative to understand the Principle of Hunger in order to live the Beautiful Life and/or create masterworks of Cyprianist art. Too often our culture values linear pursuits – point A to B satisfaction. Then we wonder why we can’t achieve said satisfaction. Linear thinking will never lead to anything lasting. Most everything else in the universe, including passion to a great extent, exists in cycles, loops, wandering rivers and much more.

Understanding this principle can lead to the foundational happiness of a Beautiful Life no matter what cycles are present. It can also inform your creative work. Alway Hunger and understand the cycle of satiety.

The Liberty of Privilege

When one is privileged in some way there is a certain freedom that comes with it. The causes of privilege are many. Money, station, attitude … any of these and more can manifest privilege. In fact, the Beautiful Life and/or being an artist has both inherent Privilege and the Liberty that comes with it.

Privilege, in this sense, is that which allows one to be above what is acceptable. If you are not wealthy it is not acceptable to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to travel the world. If you are not a world famous musician it is not acceptable to trash a hotel room. If you are not a photographer you are not usually free to surround yourself with nude models.

Let it be noted that we do have certain responsibilities to others and to Truth itself. We need not use our Privilege to excuse bad behavior, but there is a lot of subjectiveness and malleability of concept when it comes to what is acceptable.

Claim the Privilege that comes with the Beautiful Life and/or being an artist and do not allow yourself to be slowed down by what is deemed acceptable by others.

Remember also, that by following Cyprian Philosophy and Practice in your life as a whole, you become a member of the Privileged.

The Privilege of Liberty

Just as there is a Liberty that comes with Privilege, there is a Privilege that comes with freedom. When you let go of the things that keep you from being free, you claim a Privilege that is more powerful, more lasting than any Privilege you might have from financial or social station.

Your Life, and your art, should be free. Let nothing restrain you except for the harming of others. Attach yourself to and resonate with the Current and It will be your safekeeping. Creating in freedom will allow you to bring others to the Current and defend Beauty.

Abandon (The Overarching Principle)

Whatever you pursue, cast yourself headlong into it. There are no half measures in the Beautiful Life. There is no “almost” in the creation of a masterpiece. Brazen Abandon should inform your every worthwhile action.

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